Feel Great On Your Wedding Day

When I first started to write this blog post, I initially had brides in mind. It’s so easy to fall into that traditional trap of looking at your wedding day as being the “Big Day” for the bride. But, of course, it’s a huge day for any couple. So I’ve re-written large sections of the post, appreciating that it’s aimed at both of you. I hope that you find it interesting and informative.

I’m going a little beyond my usual brief here. If you’ve read through the rest of the pages of the site, then you’ll know that I’m usually discussing inspiration relating to your wedding cake. Today, I want to talk about how you can feel at your best on the day. So, here goes…

Firstly, many feel that they can’t be happy on the day if they don’t look at their best. Well, this is certainly a concern that many have. Even on the day itself, some couples are unhappy because they don’t look quite as intended. As it happens, your guests are their to celebrate this wonderful occasion with you: if you look happy, then it’s likely that you’ll look great too!

But there are obviously some steps that you can take to really look at your best. If you feel like you want to “get into shape” before the day, then you can start the process months before. I’ve heard of couples who have even invested in home exercise equipment to get the job done.

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