Your Wedding Cake – Part 4 Wedding Cake Size Guide

Following on from Wedding Cake Portion Sizes today we are going to give you a wedding cake size guide.

It can be very difficult to see from wedding cake images and display cakes at wedding fairs how much cake you will get when it gets cut up.

And if you have a combination of fruit & sponge tiers you will get more portions out of the cake compared to an all sponge cake.

To give you an idea all our 4 tier wedding cakes in my Signature Collection will serve up to 85 guests if the entire cake is sponge but if say you had the bottom tier as fruit cake, you will serve up to 125 guests.

The cake won’t cost more or be a larger cake, you just get more portions with a fruit cake. If this sounds confusing go back to our Portion Size post and it will make more sense.

Most wedding cake designers will have portion size charts and during your consultation if you tell your designer the size of slices you would like then they should be able to tell you the size of cake that is best for your day.

To add to your wedding cake to do list, have a think about the 5 questions below before deciding how much wedding cake you would like.

A few things to consider:

  1. Do you think every guest will eat a slice of cake? Would you like every guest to have a slice of cake?
  2. Will you be substituting your sit down dessert with cake? You will need a slice plated for every guest.
  3. What time of the day are you going to be eating the cake? After the ceremony with a glass of bubbly, where you only have a few guests? Or much later in the evening, when everyone is a little hungry again?
  4. What other sugary things are you giving guests during the day? Mixing up a smaller cake with other sugary treats is a fun idea and you might not want as much cake.
  5. Think about the size of the room that the cake will be displayed in. Small cake, big room or big room & small cake…

I have covered all you need to know about the inside of your wedding cake. Next time I will be talking about the design of your wedding cake. The fun bit!!!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. Or if you know someone who is doing research on their wedding cake, share it with them.

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