Your Wedding Cake – Part 3 Cake Portion Sizes

So now that you have an idea about what your Wedding Cake Vision is and you have had a think about the Yummy Cake Flavours you might like to try at your wedding consultation, we are moving on to the cake portion sizes you would like to give your wedding guests.

This is only a quick post, because it will be a quick decision to make based on what the rest of your day involves.

But it is an important area to cover because us cake designers all have slightly different ideas of how a wedding cake can be cut up.

The decision at the end of the day should sit with you to guide your cake designer.

Next week we will cover the overall size of the cake that you will need based on the portion sizes you choose.

How do wedding cakes get cut up?

If you have a look at the image below, this will give you a good idea of the size of the slices.

The Sponge Slice is 2’x1′ and this is the size of slice that most wedding venues will cut the cake up into, unless they are told otherwise.

The Fruit Cake Slice is 1’x1′ and the reason it is a little smaller is due to it being a much heavier and richer cake. But if Grandad Frank would like a bigger slice, then I’m sure there will be an extra piece for him.

If you are serving the cake as the wedding breakfast dessert, then I would recommend cutting up the cake into 2’x1′ slices or you can double that up to 2’x2′ slices, but be warned they are very big slices and after a very indulgent day it may be a bit to much.

The importance of this post is the sponge portion size and the guidance given. Some will say that you can cut up a sponge cake into 1’x1′ slices, giving you a smaller overall cake.

I’ve spoken with both wedding venues & pastry chefs and it can sometimes be very difficult to cut a sponge cake up into small 1’x1′ pieces (see the size of the fruit cake in the image above).

This could potentially embarrass you a little if there is not enough cake to go around.

I’d recommend having a think about your overall day and whether you are happy to serve guests a very small piece of cake or if you would rather be a bit more generous. But make sure it is your choice.

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Coming up next – The overall size of cake you will need.

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