5 things to expect from your cake maker

Today is the last post in the series about Choosing your Wedding Cake. To finish off I want to tell you the 5 things to expect from your wedding cake maker.

Every cake maker will have their own way of meeting with you and discussing your cake. Overall though the 5 things below should be a given from any cake maker.

5 things to expect from your cake maker:

  1. Expect real examples of what they can create.

This shows what they are capable of making and whether the look of the cake is what you will get on the day. If their work looks crisp & clean, expect this for your wedding cake.

  1. Expect to have a face to face meeting (or via Skype)

Your wedding day is a personal experience and the cake is a central show piece. You want to work with someone you like and connect with. If you are paying a bit more for your wedding cake, expect to have a private sit down meeting. An over the counter, in the middle of a shop, 5min chat with the coffee maker is not romantic or special.

  1. Expect to try some cake.

You are buying cake at the end of the day. Expect to try some flavours you’re interested in. Nobody wants to eat bad cake at a wedding.

  1. Expect them to have experience and give expert advice

Sometimes you might love a style of cake, but it isn’t possible for your wedding day. Your cake maker should be able to advice you and give you alternatives. But alternatives that mean you get the cake you want, not what they want.

  1. Expect a professional set up

You should expect your cake maker to have a professional set up of their business. They should have contracts and T&C’s and business insurance. They will also make sure that your cake is deliver to your venue exactly as you expect it to be.

An extra point on what to expect

You should expect your cake maker to be caring and want to know the in’s & out’s of your wedding day. Any company that is pushy, salesy or makes you feel icky, Avoid! They are only after your cheque.

That is it for this series. I hope it has helped you choose a wedding cake that is just the right fit for your wedding day.

If I sound like your kinda cake maker, please head over here and lets book in a good time to talk cake.

p.s If a cake maker doesn’t meet an item above, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a good choice for you. They just need to make you feel they can deliver the wedding cake you want. To give you an idea, below are a few examples from some of my recent couples.

David & Elaine are getting married at Kew Gardens. They loved the style of my wedding cakes & my sugar flowers. They were looking for something less traditional. Something a little different to what you see in my gallery. We discussed what they wanted and I sketched a design of what their cake would look like. They loved it. I made them feel confident in my skills by showing them how I will make their wedding cake.

I wasn’t able to show them a real example in their style. I was able to give them the confidence that I will deliver a beautiful cake for their day.

I’ve had a handful of couples who live in another country, getting married in the UK. They weren’t able to sample some of my cakes. So I sent them testimonials from previous customers. Plus I gave them the option to contact them if they wanted to. Post wedding: They all loved the taste of their wedding cakes and so did their guests.

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