Your Wedding Cake – Set your wedding cake budget

Ooohh after all the lovely wedding cake things we have been discussing, today’s topic can be the toughest part of choosing your wedding cake! I want to talk about the wedding cake budget you set.

When I first set my own wedding budget I made the mistake of just picking a number out of thin air without doing any real research. As you can image I was a little surprised by how much certain things actually cost.*

Remember when setting your wedding cake budget ultimately it should be about what is important to the two of you and how much you can afford.

To help you set your wedding cake budget, I have 4 questions for you:

1. How important is the cake to you?

Is it something you really want to wow your guests with? Or is it not as important? Possibly because you are going to have both a cake & a dessert table?

2. Wow Factor or Not?

Are you excited by over the top, real wow factor or are you more the type to keep it simple & elegant?

3. Small Business or High Street Store?

Do you mind a small artisan cake maker or is a bricks & mortar business more important to you?

4. Experience?

Do you mind if they have years of experience or a big brand name? Or just starting out?

Deciding which of these elements is important to you will help show you to the type of wedding cake that is right for you and how much it will cost.

If you have found THE Cake but it is a little out of your price range, here’s how could you save some pennies:

  1. Do you want to feed cake to every guest? You may not need cake for every guest. I wrote a helpful post on the best size cake for you here.
  2. Less is more. All the little details on the cake take time and will add to the price. Having less intricate details on the cake will keep the price down.
  3. Make a statement with one lovely element only. Choosing a single large statement sugar rose instead of cascading roses will help you stick to your budget.

 Now that you have set your budget, what to do next?

  1. Have a look at what your favourite style cake is. If you arent sure what design you want yet, this post will help get you on the right track.
  2. Research your local cake makers & ask for a rough price range. Remember to check that they can make your style of cake.
  3. Decide on your favourite designers & book in a good time for a cake consultation.

I hope this is helpful and gets you more prepared to choose your amazing wedding cake.

Coming up next in this series – What to expect from your cake maker.

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*After realising my mistake, we discussed what was most important to us, narrowed down our list and I contacted those suppliers and found out the real cost of what I wanted for my big day.

 These people are skilled professionals with tons of advice & experience. This is their livelihood and full time job. It puts food on their tables, just like your job puts food on YOUR table. Please don’t expect really low prices because big companies can afford to sell at a cheaper price.

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